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Dark | Recycled | Wood

Nando’s Belmont

A linear space with alfresco glazing down the entire length.

Belmont is one of Perth’s earlier transport nodes. The design took its reference from this transportation heritage, utilising elements such as ship lanterns and old railway copper pendants hanging from steel rails that are reminiscent of old railway tracks.

Recessed ceiling bulkheads and finishes to front counter and pass through area remind one of air vents that were prevalent in early railroad coaches.

Condiments units and the customised wash basin have been carefully selected to reinforce the railroad aesthetic.

Specific detail in the tile and timber flooring took its inspiration from early century railway stations.

Project Details

  • Linier space
  • Recessed ceiling bulkheads
  • Railroad aesthetic


Belmont Forum Shopping Centre 227 Belmont Ave Belmont WA
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