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Hot fashion to hot new office space

Monday, November 30, 2015

Pan Softwares hot new office space

Pan Software’s new space is truly a Zone collaboration from Zone Design’s amazing interior design to Construction Zone transforming design into reality.
This new office fit out shows the power of a client who has a real sense of vision and desire to push boundaries and the right team to create one of the most innovative office spaces in Melbourne. Pan Software’s new space includes its own cafĂ©, training facilities along with formal and informal meeting spaces, offices and work areas.

Go to projects and have a look at this new project in detail.

Industrie new store at Wesley Perth

Industries new store has just opened in Wesley, the historic and very trendy precinct of Perth. The store combines all the heritage features of the store with Industries distinctive look and feel to create an amazing fashion space that sets the benchmark in fashion.

To see all the amazing photos go to projects.